Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

Oticon ConnectLine Microphone Hearing Device

ConnectLine Microphone

This hearing aid accessory is a discreet clip-on microphone that connects wirelessly to a Streamer that a chosen speaker wears allowing you to hear that speaker's voice more clearly. The ConnectLine Microphone enhances speech understanding of the chosen speaker’s voice in challenging sound environments.

Oticon Streamer Hearing Aid Accessory, Black


The Streamer works with the ConnectLine Microphone Hearing Device as the gateway to the Microphone device. Hearing aids can be linked to the Streamer so that sounds into the ConnectLine Microphone device can be heard clearly.

ConnectLine TV Adaptor Hearing Aid Accessory

ConnectLine TV Adaptor

The ConnectLine TV Adaptor connects to the analog output of your TV and transmits sound directly to your hearing aids through the Streamer. This allows you to hear the television clearly at the volume you want.


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