Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Battery

There are four types of zinc air batteries used in hearing instruments. Since it can be difficult for people to remember which size hearing aid battery they use, a universal color code was created to help people remember. For example, if someone uses a size 312 hearing aid battery they might come into our office and ask for the "brown" batteries.

This color code exists regardless of which brand of hearing aid batteries one chooses to purchase. Typically, a hearing aid battery will operate a hearing instrument for three to 14 days before it needs replacing, depending on the features of the hearing aid, technology level, usage and the hearing instrument style/battery size.

We charge $5.00 for a fresh 8 pack of batteries of any size. -or- We charge $25.00 for a carton of five 8 packs totaling 40 batteries of any size. -or- We charge $80.00 for an unlimited supply of batteries of any size for 1 year

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