The Hearcare Hearing Center Approach

At Hearcare Hearing Center we don't believe in one-size-fits all hearing aids. We get to know you and your hearing challenges in order to assist you in selecting the best hearing aid for your needs. Your standard Hearcare Hearing Center Service Plan includes 6 Basic Steps:

  1. Sit & Chat 

    Grab a drink or a snack while we discuss your hearing health history and how your hearing loss symptoms have impacted your lifestyle. This session encourages family and friends to participate, which allows sharing of different perspectives and helps realize that both parties play a part in communication. After all, communication is a 2 way street.
  2. Hearing Evaluation

    A diagnostic hearing evaluation is completed to determine middle ear functioning and the type and severity of hearing loss present. This is an objective way of determining if a hearing loss exists and if so the depth of the loss for a precision hearing aid fitting.
  3. Consultation

    We discuss the hearing evaluation test results and what it means in terms of your daily living. If a hearing loss exists, we discuss the long term effects of this hearing loss if left untreated.
  4. Hearing Aid Evaluation

    We discuss different hearing aid styles and technologies available today and which solutions best suit the needs of the user based on their hearing loss, lifestyle, any physical limitations, any cognitive limitations and budget.
  5. Hearing Aid Fitting

    The hearing aids are programmed while in the user's ears and fit appropriately. The user is counseled on acclimation to sounds and realistic expectations. The user is also educated on the care, use and maintenance of their new hearing aid product. Additional hearing aid supplies and hearing aid batteries are usually supplied at this time.
  6. Follow-Up and Rehab

    Follow-up and good communication is essential in fine tuning the hearing aids to meet the unique needs of each individual and their lifestyle. Any appropriate therapy or rehabilitation goals are put into place and set into action. Sometimes a computer-based interactive listening program can be provided to improve on listening skills.

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