How does Hearcare Hearing's 3-3-3 Warranty Plan compare with other warranty plans?

In our quest to present exceptional value to all patients, we offer a minimum 3 year repair warranty, 3 year loss and damage warranty and 3 years of batteries on most of our products. Sure, if a premium product is recommended there is more margin to allow for more value. Our 3-3-3 plan is a great value because it is standard and is not a limited time promotion. Some advertisements will offer 5 year warranties but often do not include 5 years of loss and damage or limit their 5 year warranty to premium products only. "Our patient's love our all-inclusive 3-3-3 Plan, which is a well-diversified balance of repair warranty, loss and damage warranty and batteries on most of our products regardless of price point. There is great value in that."

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