Doctor Jared Teter, Au.D

Jared Teter, Au.D opened Hearcare Hearing Center as a comprehensive audiological and hearing healthcare practice for individuals of all ages. Hearcare provides individuals with a modern, colorful and relaxing atmosphere.

Dr. Teter has 9 years of professional experience behind him. He completed his Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Florida. Additionally, Dr. Teter completed his Masters in Audiology from Kent State University and holds a B.S.Ed in Education of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped from SUNY Fredonia. Clinical training was completed at the Cleveland Veterans Administration at Wade Park, specializing in diagnostics and hearing aid fittings. Pediatric training was completed at University Health Hospital Systems in Cleveland.

Dr. Teter's philosophy is to offer products that provide the best value at all price points! Hearcare offers multiple brands of products which allows us to select products that provide the best value for people based on their hearing loss, lifestyle, needs and budget. "There is no magic formula that is right for everyone. Each fitting is unique because each patient is unique."

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At Hearcare, we use products that have excellent build quality, sound quality and dependability:

Build Quality

Distinguishing build quality from one product to the next can be challenging. However, build quality should display excellent fit n’ finish with minimal moisture penetration. Additionally if the product consists of more than 1 part, do the parts connect well and remain well connected under consistent heavy duty use without causing detrimental effects to the sound quality or longevity of the product?

Sound Quality

If our patients and I are pleased with the initial and ongoing sound quality of the products then I know we are doing something right. Additionally, we may verify frequency responses objectively using electroacoustic measuring equipment if necessary. If a client chooses to try a different product then we go shopping. We offer this option for 90 days.


A value showing reliability. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that if it breaks a lot then it isn't dependable. We choose to work with manufacturer’s that are consistently product and patient focused. We work with manufacturer's that deliver on what they promise.