Hearing Aids for Kids

Hearing loss shouldn’t slow your child down when returning to school for the new year. Talking to your child’s teachers about hearing loss, knowing your rights, and asking others for help are just a few things that you can do for your child to sooth any concerns they have with going back to school.

Talk to the teacher

The earlier you talk to your child’s teacher about hearing loss, the better. Set up a meeting and talk to them about your concerns and what you think would be helpful for your child. Teachers are often very accommodating to your needs.

Some things they could help you with include:

Choose the right seating

Sitting in the front of their classroom will make it so your child can hear them better, and they will be less likely to get distracted throughout the day.

Request a note taker

Asking for someone to come into the class and help your child take notes will take the pressure off them and could alleviate stress that they are having about not getting all of the notes exactly right. It will also help them when they go back to study their notes, they will know that they have the right thing written down.

Ask about the assistive technology they offer

It’s becoming much more common for classrooms to come equipped with FM systems. Personal FM systems send signals from the teacher’s microphone straight to the students hearing aid or cochlear implant. Another option is amplifying the teachers voice through a microphone and speakers around the room.

It’s important to know that going back to school doesn’t have to be any more stressful for your child with hearing loss as it is for any other child. Talking to the right people and asking questions is the first step to making sure your student is getting everything they can out of their education. 

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