Hearing checkup

Getting your hearing checked is not something to be forgotten. You shouldn’t wait for something to happen in order for you to get your hearing checked. Don’t wait until it seems like everyone around you is mumbling, or you’re asking people around you to repeat themselves all the time.

Routine checkups get more important the older you get.

The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP.org) recommends that 18 to 45-year old’s get their hearing checked every five years. That changes to every 3 years for the ages between 45 and 60. Once you turn 60, AIHHP recommends getting your hearing checked every two years.

It may seem a bit young to be getting your hearing checked at the age of 18, but with headphones, live music, and clubs, damage can start very young. It is better to get your hearing checked and pick up early signs of hearing loss.

Your job can affect how often you should get your hearing checked.

Carpenters, ambulance drivers, musicians, construction workers, and landscapers are just some of the many jobs that are exposed to loud noises for the large majority of their day. Take precautionary steps by wearing earplugs, and making sure that you’re getting your hearing checked on a regular basis.

Hearing loss is not something to take lightly; if you think you may be experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, contact us and request an appointment today. 

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