Hearing Aid Batteries

Most hearing aids need a hearing aid battery to work and they come in different sizes depending on the type and size of the hearing aid. In addition to different sizes and types, there are also many different brands of hearing aid batteries. Determining the correct type and best brands can be a daunting task.

Types of Hearing Aid Batteries

The most common type of batteries for hearing aids are zinc-air batteries which are small silver discs.  Zinc-air batteries are powered by oxygen and will not work without it. There are four main types of zinc-air batteries that are used in hearing aids depending on the size of the hearing aid. These four types have a universal color code to help people remember the type they need which includes: yellow, brown, red, and blue.  The life of a hearing aid battery is primarily dependent on how much power is needed for your hearing aid type, but the battery brand can also play a role.

Buying Hearing Aid Batteries

Though hearing aid batteries can be purchased online, it's important to beware of what you are purchasing. When buying online or through mail-order, you may end up with a sub-par hearing aid battery that has a short battery life, or even the incorrect battery for your hearing aid type. When using your audiologist to buy your hearing aid batteries, you are ensured that they will be the correct battery type and size for your hearing aid. This means less time and even possibly less money.

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