Music and Hearing Aids

The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival is happening this week and we have quite a few patients who will be out at the festival to enjoy some music. This reminded me of the importance of music in the diagnosis of hearing loss as well as the identification of an ideal hearing aid for music listeners.

One of most noticeable signs of hearing loss is inability to hear music clearly, especially if you’re in a venue with other people who are talking. Or, if while listening to music you hear a ringing in your ear. For music lovers, this can be an upsetting result of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids and Hearing Music

Hearing aids do affect the way that music is heard – especially digital hearing aids. Because hearing aids are designed to optimally hear people’s voices that are usually at a higher frequency, the lower frequency or varied frequencies of some music can be hard to hear or muffled. With digital hearing aids, settings need to be adjusted to hear music more clearly.

Finding a Hearing Aid

If listening to music is very important to you, when looking for a new hearing aid or to replace an existing one, let your audiologist know so they can recommend a hearing aid that is best for hearing music and help to adjust the settings for optimally hearing music. There are many different types of hearing aids with various settings, and they can work with you to identify the best type for better music listening.

Talk with Your Audiologist

If you already have a hearing aid, but you still have trouble hearing music, or the music doesn’t sound quite right, contact your audiologist to assist you in adjusting your hearing aid to better hear music. Or, here are some strategies you can use to try to improve the sound of music you hear through your existing hearing aid.

Advances in hearing aid technology are being made daily with the advancement of technology. However, with more technical components comes more complexity in making sure that hearing aids are set correctly for your needs. It’s important to find an audiologist who will work with you on-going to find and fit a hearing aid that works for you and not against you.

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